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  • The portable Montmirail with automatic oscillation has a major feature that makes it the lightest equipment of its kind on the market: it weighs less than 14 kg with diffuser and collecting device. This monitor offers the features of the latest generation: PN16, automatic oscillating with the maximum sweeping angle of 35°, elevation between +35° to +85°, anti-lifting safety feature that immediately reduces the flow rate of the nozzle to keep the operator safe. It comes with an open/closed valve and stabilising legs. It can be equipped with different outlet equipment or couplings.
  • Our mobile foam units are available in 100 liters or 150 liters. Equipped with a tank in polyethylene yellow colour, mounted on chassis and two rear wheels of 400 mm, two front and rotating wheels with a locking device. The foam unit is delivered with accessories: Mixy eductor of 200 or 400 lpm and pick-up tube, a 20m long flat hose of diameter 45 or 70, a low or medium foam expansion nozzle of 200 or 400 lpm (depending on the model). Several inlet connections are possible: threaded BSP or NST-NH or standardised couplings.

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