High pressure portable pump for Forest Fires and small City Fires.
This kind of pump is specially conceived for bush fires and apartments fires. It can be mounted on a pick-up as well on a fire truck to pump small quantities of water with the impact of high pressure.



Diaphragm pump with pressure regulator and manometer
Gearbox in oil-bath
Gasoline engine 16 HP with electrical starter
Self supporting frame made of steel tubulars, treated against corrosion Manual hose reel with 50 meters HP hose

Fog-gun for water and foam



Output.          100 lpm @ 50 bar




Immagine a solo scopo indicativo
Control panel complete with:
  • Start key
  • Manual throttle
  • Pressure manometer
  • Pump hours counter
  • Hoe reel valve
  • Second outlet valve
  • Foam system control (if provided as optional)
  • Washing
(Image for indicative purposes only, may vary depending on the models.)  

Automatic acceleration system.

This innovative system for the sector was introduced by our company in 2006 bringing significant advantages in the use of firefighting modules.
The improvements are the following:

  • The engine is accelerated only when the operator delivers water from the lance while when the operator closes the supply of water from the lance the engine automatically returns to the minimum rpm.
  • Significant fuel savings since, from studies done, about 70% of the time of use of the fire module takes place with the engine accelerated to the maximum while no water is supplied since the operator, most of the time, is on patrol of the environment where intervention is required and certainly being at a long distance from the fire module does not go back to idle the engine, otherwise a second operator is required.
  • Longer life of the engine and of all transmission parts, again for the reasons mentioned above.
  • Operation in the use of the module made by 1 operator only, therefore saving personnel.
  • Ecologically more respectful since the exhaust gases are considerably reduced given the use of the engine at maximum speeds for the actual need for intervention with water.
Suction kit complete with::

  • Suction hose in coiled rubber, 6 meters length, STORZ 25 coupling on one side. 
  • Foot valve connected to one side of the suction hose. 
  • 2 suction keys for coupling.
  • Tool kit for small repair (Engine original).
System for the production of high pressure foam in pump. The system is complete with a foam branch pipe.
Hydrojector with filter - Technical Sheet.
DRAIN system complete with air compressor for emptying pipes.
The experience and attention to after-sales applied to development and design has allowed us to identify and solve one of the crucial problems caused by the use of diaphragm or piston pumps in firefighting modules, for their configuration this type of pump always has a or more chambers full of water, this solution allows an almost immediate priming but creates big problems in case of use or storage with temperatures below 0 ° C, in fact the most frequent break is that of one or more heads or bodies caused by frost, the use of systems or additives to avoid this situation is often insufficient or totally ineffective.

The answer is the DRAIN system which is able to empty the residual water in all the components of the module, thus preserving the parts at risk of breakage, guaranteeing in fact a longer duration, reliability and consequent reduction in maintenance costs.

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