The Management of Rosenfire s.r.l. considers the respect for the environment a real corporate value, committing to translate this principle into practice in carrying out its activities:

Design, production and trading of equipments and trucks for fire fighting, emergency, civil defence and industrial use.

Thanks to the instruments it has, the company can acquire a competitive advantage and contribute to sustainable development,

With a view to a global approach:

  • taking into account the overall life cycle of products, operations and services pertaining to both promoted and used;
  • operating in order to protect the environment from potential damage and degradation caused by its business, based on the context in which the company operates;
  • making pollution prevention a prerequisite for all operations already carried out starting from the services and products purchased;
  • encouraging suppliers, and other stakeholders within our sphere of influence, to adopt the principles contained in this policy;
  • ensuring cooperation with public authorities and the involvement of other interested parties.

With a view to continuous improvement:

  • evaluating the best technologies available on the market, usable from an economic point of view;
  • formulating, communicating and monitoring specific objectives aimed at improving environmental performance and the consequent reduction of environmental impacts;
  • involving employees in the implementation and development of the management system;
  • ensuring the necessary awareness and training of all staff.

With a view to technical development:

  • reducing the use of materials harmful to the environment.

With a view to resource efficiency:

  • minimizing the consumption of energy and raw materials;
  • minimizing the production of waste and residues optimising their management in order to facilitate their recovery.

The policy is communicated to employees and all those who work on behalf of the organisation and in any case it is made available to anyone who requests it.

The review of the Environmental Policy by the Management takes place periodically on the occasion of the review of the integrated system, in view of the results of the internal audits and of any changes that have occurred.


 UNI EN ISO 14001:2015



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