The Management of Rosenfire S.r.l. has given all its Functions and Units the mandate to continuously improve the quality of products and services through:

  • each Function organise its interface internally and externally in accordance with the quality criteria and the content of the Quality Manual;
  • the development of a culture of quality at all levels of the organisational structure, through training initiatives, awareness campaigns and other appropriate actions;
    the implementation and maintenance of its own Quality System and its certification;
  • self-certification supplies, when required, for large customers.

The above is aimed at

  • Improve internal efficiency, also in terms of compliance with the delivery dates requested by the Customer,
  • Minimise the risks of technical and commercial failures in order to enhance the company’s presence on the market,
  • Create a competitive barrier against competitors, with the aim of obtaining complete customer satisfaction.

It is also specified that:

Each Function and each Unit are responsible for their own product and / or service and for its verification, in accordance with established rules;
Preventive actions should be systematically privileged over corrective ones.
The Management promotes, formalises and verifies the quality policy and objectives during the periodic reviews of the Management through appropriate indicators for monitoring the objectives themselves. The Management has defined that Quality Assurance is the direct responsibility of the Quality Function, independently of any other Function of the Company and having the authority and responsibility to ensure that the requirements of the Quality Manual are applied and maintained. The Quality Policy is brought to the attention of all Company personnel through internal training courses and systematic involvement in all problems with a view to continuous improvement.